Cornetet Individual Awards for Professional Development

   September 2017

  • Hornsby, Denise. GA/SE.  $ 2000.00.  American Association of School Librarians National Conference (AASL).      

  • Robinson, Kristi.  GA.  $ 1,000.00.  National Science Teachers Association Conference (NSTA)*.

  • Springle, Kimberly.  DC/NE.  $ 911.00.  “Making Museums Matter: From Advocacy to Action”, 
    Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM).

  • Williams, Dr. Ereka.  NC/SE.  $ 998.00.  “Multicultural Institute: Advancing Equity and Inclusive Practice”, 
    National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA).

  • Young, Dr. Minerva.  VA/SE.  $ 1,500.00.  Online Learning Consortium, Instructional Design Certificate Program.

Total amount awarded: $6,409.00
Recipients without a region listed are not members.

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