Cornetet Individual Awards for Professional Development


May 2018

  • Allen, Angela. TX/SW.$878.00.2018 Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Summer Institute
  • Baus, Amy.WI/NW.$2,000.00.Mental Health First Aid Instructor Certification Training
  • Boehm, Carol.NJ/NE.$900.00.3rd Biennial Feierabend Association for Music Educators (FAME) Conference
  • Budz, Jillian.IL. $2,000.00.Paraguay: Eco-Leadership
  • Conklan, Linda.AL/SE.$600.00.Advanced Placement Summer Institute
  • Glenn, Sarah.AR.$1,056.24.National Ag in the Classroom Conference
  • Haddock, Kaye.FL/SE.$2,000.00.Pathways to Equity
  • Haley, Erin.CA.$349.00.Edsurge Fusion
  • Herold, Laura.AR/SE.$2,000.00.European Early Childhood Research Association 2018 Conference
  • Moreno, Jodi-Beth.TX.$1,670.00.International Literacy Association Conference 2018
  • Saxton, Caitlyn.VA/SE.$1,634.00.WIDA 2018 National Conference
  • Stedman, Elaine.MT/NW.$2,000.00.Harvard School of Business Leadership Summit Executive Development Program
  • Tarpley, Donna.AR/SE.$1,955.99.Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Thomas, Sharon.FL/SE.$1,000.00. International Literacy Association 2018 Conference
  • Womack, Audrienne.DC/NE.$1,350.00.The Journal to the Self Instructor Certification Training

Total amount awarded: $21,393.23

Past Recipients

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