Educational Foundation Liaisons

Educational Foundation Liaisons, appointed by state organization presidents, represent the interests of the Foundation at the state organization level. EF Liaisons promote the award application process, remind members to donate to the Foundation, and support the Trustees through communicating information to Society members.

Foundation Liaison News  issues are sent four times a year to all state organizational Educational Foundation Liaisons to promote the Foundation and share current information with state organizations and chapters.

DKGEF Liaisons help foster the “Butterfly Effect.”

DKGEF Liaisons are the vital link between the Foundation and DKG members. With the 2017 DKG conferences being scheduled at unique destinations, communicating with members about Foundation activities, opportunities and philanthropy is paramount. 

The Foundation relies on liaisons to communicate information and to assist the board of trustees with various events. Through the assistance of our liaisons the Foundation thrives and members become more aware of the good deeds it supports. Liaisons spread the word and make the boards’ plans a reality. They are a very appreciated force within the organization. 

Ann Blosfield, DKGEF Liaison from Florida, can help you with DKGEF purchases and information at the Foundation’s Marketplace booth. Meet her and other liaisons in Nashville this summer!